Land Freelance


Despite the different transport options that we find today in the market and the rapid advancement of technology, land transport continues being a very used way by our clients worldwide.  We are trained to provide the support and advice required for everything that is refers to this service and the procedures that it entails in terms of security, reception and delivery time.

The key to our success in this field is to plan in detail each stage in the process of importing or exporting the cargo, taking into account the needs of each case.

We coordinate effectively the loading and unloading processes, we have the most advanced equipment that guarantees the quality of your products.  Of equal way, we have an advanced system that allows us to track your assets until you reach your destination.

In First Logistics Services, S.A. the needs of our customers always come first.

Among the advantages of working with us your ground load either (FTL) or (LTL) we can highlight:

  • Follow-up of the road safety protocol to guarantee the integrity of our operators and third parties. 
  • Your merchandise travels in the best hands. Our operators count on the certification of reliable resource, continuous training
  • Equipment availability
  • Compliance guarantee in transit times
  • Clean and safe transportation
  • Compliance with regulations governing cargo transportation authorities
  • Optimal infrastructure and processes to ensure quality in the service
  • Logistic advice for the formulation of your logistics plan
  • Total coverage of services from collections, local deliveries, storage, labeling, reconditioning, inventory management, procedures
  • Supervision at all times of the trajectory of your shipment
  • The best response times

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