Maritime Exports


For those clients that need to export merchandise constantly, in large or small quantities from Panama to different destinations, we offer an integral export logistics service.

When we refer to integral logistics, we refer to the one that includes the complete cycle of cargo handling from the inspection process to the moment of arriving at our warehouses in the Colon Free Zone, until the strategies to follow regarding the delivery service of the merchandise for  optimize times and costs.  We also have the right personnel to provide the best advice regarding their exports, freights, permits special, transit of merchandise and much more for our clients that require services of cargo consolidation or full container.

Our team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field is what guarantees us to provide you with optimal and efficient cargo handling. Our clients certify us as their number one choice in the market since we provide a safe and reliable service in all its stages.


This service is of great benefit for those customers who do not handle large volume because it allows us to offer more flexibility and incredible times.

We focus on keeping your merchandise safe and standardizing processes that guarantee optimum handling of the same until its final destination.


In First Logistics Services, S.A. we adapt to the needs of each of our customers, so we recommend this container service complete for those who handle a significant load volume (FCL).

Our logistics professionals will provide you with an integral service in each of the stages of your export, until you reach your final destination.

We arrive at the most important ports in the world such as Asia, the East, Europe, the United States and South America, which makes us the most complete option of the region.

We offer the most optimal options for monitoring, surveillance and security to certify the peace of mind of our clients.

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