Maritime Imports


For those customers who need to import merchandise constantly, in large or small quantities to Panama, we offer a comprehensive logistics service import.

Our team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field is what guarantees us to provide you with optimal and efficient cargo handling, for what our clients certify us as their number one choice in the market. We are responsibly committed to removing the load from its suppliers,
control of arrival of the same, optimization of freight and above all of the final satisfaction of you as a customer.

We are in full capacity to provide all kinds of logistics advice in terms of import procedures, customs procedures, transit of your merchandise, security, nationalization of cargo and much more.


This maritime consolidated cargo service (LCL) consists of grouping the cargo of different customers, always guaranteeing the safety of the same and maintaining the quality of your cargo from the moment of collection to your destination, could mean a significant cut in your costs depending on your need.


This service guarantees you exclusivity of your cargo in the container, which means that only your merchandise will be in the container you want to import.  We recommend this service for those customers that have the need to transport significant volumes of merchandise or those that
they need to import their cargo more quickly and exclusively.

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